Software Development

If you are looking for a developer to write a small piece of software for you, an additional team member to speed up an existing larger project, or someone to write some "glue" code to get various systems talking to each other, I can help you.

I have experience in a wide range of systems but basically the focus is on UNIX and Microsoft technologies with a particular slant towards networking and data access/transfer. For example:

• C, C++ programming under UNIX (Linux, Solaris and others) and Windows (DevStudio)

• UNIX scripting (Python, Perl, shell scripting and so on)

• PHP web programming with particular expertise with Drupal

• C# programming under DevStudio .NET

• Database design and construction in mySQL, SQL/Server, Oracle, Access and others

25 years of experience in the industry means exposure to a huge range of software projects and environments. It also means I am able to anticipate any upcoming issues early on, and am normally able to suggest solutions to deal with them. Please get in touch if you would like a chat about your development project.