Project Management

In my opinion the best project managers are those that understand the technical issues of the project as well as the resource and budgetary constraints. Software development is not an entirely predictable process. The path to success is littered with obstacles such as third party tools that don't work as advertised, buggy operating systems and unexpected programming challenges. A good project manager knows how to deal with the unexpected, will be as prepared as possible for it both in terms of the initial project schedule, and the possible ways to solve the problems.

I have managed many software developments over the years. I communicate very well with both the technical teams, and the managerial or board level personnel. I'm able to detect forthcoming issues quickly and take a proactive role in avoiding or rectifying them.

My experience has covered projects under UNIX, Windows and Macintosh, and the scope is from simple 1-person projects right up to complex projects with multiple participants from various companies, with stringent procedural requirements. I can plan a project from a realistic and accurate budgeting and resource basis, and bring it to completion within those constraints.

Please get in touch, if you have a project in mind and would like an informal discussion about it.