Linux Consultancy

Linux is a hot topic at the moment. This free operating system, compatible with UNIX, is incredibly robust and efficient. More and more business are discovering the benefits of using it in certain areas of their business. Why should you consider using Linux?

• Cost. The operating system is free. Server functions such as file serving, web, email, FTP and others are included. This is very attractive to organisations that are dismayed by high software licensing costs for other operating systems.

• Reliability. A typical Linux machine will not crash. In the absence of power failures and similar, you can expect a Linux machine to stay operational for months at a time with no problems.

• Compatibility. In a server environment, Linux can work with client machines running Windows or Macintosh. Additionally most Internet based services are developed under a UNIX environment first, so you have top class proven implementations.

• Efficiency. For a given specification of machine, Linux will make the most of the hardware available. If you have older machines that are no longer used, you may be able to run Linux on them for modest server needs.

I have experience with UNIX in general for 30 years, and has been using Linux from the start. I can advise your business on whether Linux is right for you, and what functions it can perform. A properly specified and installed Linux setup will require little ongoing maintenance and have minimal operational support needs. I can provide you with friendly, informed and sensible advice and expertise about this great alternative to the "traditional" server environments. I have particular experience with the Redhat, CentOS, Ubuntu and Mint distributions.

I also encourage companies already using Linux, that need extra help with configuration, "tweaking", security, and day to day operational support, to talk to me. I also have substantial programming experience with UNIX technologies such as PHP, Python, Perl, C, C++, and configuration experience with exim/postfix/sendmail, DNS, FTP, Apache, IMAP/POP, NTP and many more.

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