What is IT Consultancy?

In a nutshell this means the provision of expert advice to another business in regard to their computing requirements. I have provided strategic advice to various customers over the years, ranging from helping them on their first steps on getting a presence on the Internet, through to helping design and implement a major software system to enhance their business.

Normally I would expect to get business in this area through personal recommendation, as one person that has benefited from my help will often mention us to a friend or colleague who happens to have a similar need. If you're reading this and haven't dealt with me before you are very welcome to get in touch and ask for a referral; I will put you in touch with someone that I've worked with in the past who can verify the quality of our work.

In general, these are the general areas I work with best:

• Internet consulting: Setting up a connection; Internet Security; Email optimisation and virus prevention; Web Server configuration; Domain Name management; Making an active or data-driven web site; Accessing databases on line; Developing an Intranet or Extranet

• Systems Design: Analysing your requirements; Specifying a new IT project from both a functional and technical basis; Recommending the best technologies for your requirements; Developing testing methodologies; Producing technical documentation

• UNIX consulting: Systems Installation; Systems Administration; Security; Optimisation; Performance Analysis. Specific operating systems include Linux (RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, et al) and Solaris.

• Databases: Design; Implementation; User Interface design and implementation. Databases include mySQL, Access, Oracle, SQL/Server. User interfaces include web scripting with PHP, ASP.NET, and simple Access forms.

We have experience in a wide range of industry sectors including Networking Equipment vendors, Computer Manufacturers, Insurance, Entertainment, Publishing, Transport, and Distribution.

Everyone's requirements are different. Please do feel free to get in touch with a brief description of your requirements, and I will quickly tell you if I'm able to help, and if so, how.