About Mistle Thrush Ltd

I've worked at many levels during my career, from simple IT support all the way up to the MD of a small software company. I've always enjoyed my work the most when technically challenged. It made sense to set myself up as a one-man operation and provide technical services to customers, while being able to communicate clearly. That's the principle of Common Sense Computing, the company slogan. Computers are a tool to help you get a job get done, and needn't be overcomplicated. There are many opportunities for people with good solid knowledge and common sense, and that's what the company is all about.

I charge in the usual way for contract work, by the hour or day. The actual rate depends on the type of work and the duration of it. Basic technical work will generally be charged at a lower rate than design and management. On site training has its own daily rate. Please get in touch for specific information.

What does the company name mean? Well, outside of my career other interests include music, and Roy Harper's finest (in my opinion) album was inspired and named after this bird. However in a nutshell, the Mistle Thrush is a bird whose loud call is often heard during stormy weather. I felt it was appropriate for someone considering a business venture.